Here at Slable, we are dedicated towards providing your guests with the best possible experience. From our cheerful and helpful greeters, to our valet parking staff, we strive for your guests to go home raving about the wonderful service they received. Our hospitality services are listed below.

Valet Parking

hosp-iconAre you having an event with limited or hard to access parking? Would you prefer that your guests did not have to walk long distances from a parking area? We can provide up to ten valets who will be parking vehicles in a parking lot/field/etc designated by you. For all events we have proper uniforms and our shift manager will cheerfully greet all of your patrons as they pull up to your location. The shift manager on ground will collect a key from your guests, issue your guests car retrieval tickets, and hand the car off to one of our professional valets.

Our valet team has multiple two-way radios to communicate with valet staff during the event. Rest assured that prompt, courteous service will be provided at your event and that your guests will not have to wait long periods of time to drop their car off or have their car retrieved when they are ready to leave.

In addition to our general liability insurance, for valet parking we have umbrella insurance of $1,000,000 and our drivers have valid driver licenses with clean driving records. Please contact us for proof of insurance.

Door Service

door-iconWhen offering door service, our employees standby opening the door for patrons as they enter your venue, greeting them with a smile.


greet-iconMany of our experienced greeters are bilingual or trilingual, assisting your guests as they enter and pointing them in the right direction.

Coat Check

coat-iconWhen providing coat check services for our clients, we provide all of the materials needed such as coat racks, hangers, and coat check tickets. Let us keep eliminate the confusion of your guests having to dig through piles of coats at the end of the event!

Wheelchair Escorts

wheelchair-iconOur staff can assist wheelchair and disabled patrons out of their cars and into the designated location. If needed, our wheelchair escorts can stay with your patrons throughout your event, assisting them around the venue.