DJ Services

DJ Services

What is your cancellation policy?

All deposits are non-refundable. In the event of a force majeure situation, we are more than happy to re-schedule free of cost. **Please note that for outside events, we recommend that you have an inclement weather plan.

You say that you are a team of professionals. Does this mean that you sub-contract out to individual DJs?

Absolutely not! All of our staff work for us on a full or part-time basis as actual legal employees. Under the rare circumstance that we are not able to attend your event, we will find a qualified replacement at no additional cost to you. You will be informed of this in advance and given the option of a full refund.

Can we see you perform in person before we hire you?

We are more than happy for you to see us in action at one of our public events. Please contact us for a listing of upcoming public events.

What is your attire?

Our attire is completely your decision; however, our standard attire is simply a pair of black dress pants and a black button up dress shirt. If you would like us to wear a suit and tie, a tuxedo, or a dress for our female employees, simply let us know and we are happy to accommodate free of charge!



Does the venue need to provide a high voltage circuit?

In most cases, no. Our standard lighting packages consume less power than a space heater. We can always split our electricity consumption between two circuits in the event that the venue is not fully equipped.

My event is outside and there is not any outdoor lighting. Can you work with this?

Weather permitting, yes. We have provided outdoor lighting for many events including atmospheric lighting and general walkway lighting.

I really like your dance floor lighting, but I am afraid that some of my guests will find it annoying. What can I do?

Our dance floor lighting (often called club or disco lighting) can be irritating for some people. We recommend that you provide us with a large enough dance floor so that the dance floor lighting only covers the dancing area; we generally recommend an area twenty feet wide and thirty feet deep however we can always adjust our lighting fixtures to make this area smaller. This way guests can simply move out of the way if they do not enjoy the dance floor lighting.

My event is during the day. Can I still purchase lighting?

In most cases it would not be worth it. Unless the venue is completely sealed off from the outside (no windows, skylights, etc), then our lighting will generally not be visible.

Do you have simple lighting packages that are “cheaper?”

Unfortunately we do not. When we setup event lighting, we prefer to put our best effort forward and essentially go “all out” for maximum results.



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A/V Production

Audio/Video Production

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How early do your valets arrive prior to the event?

Our valets will typically arrive 30-45 minutes prior to the beginning of your event. In certain situations where the available parking is spread out in multiple locations, we will arrive even earlier in order to survey the area.

Do you need to send someone out prior to the event to look for parking?

We generally do not need to survey the area other than our initial run through when we arrive on the day of; however, in some rare cases we will request that we are allowed onsite prior to ensure adequate parking.

Where can your valets park?

Our valets can utilize street parking, parking lots, fields, and pretty much any other open area. Unless the area is filled with other cars, we can almost always find parking. This is our job to handle so that your guests can simply drive up to the venue location and get out of their cars.

How do people know there is valet parking available?

We offer two options: a sandwich board sign and a large upright banner. Depending on the area we will utilize different signs.

If it is raining can your valets still work?

Of course! We always bring a small tent and multiple umbrellas in the event that there is inclement weather. This keeps our valets dry and your guests’ cars dry.

How many valets do you provide?

The amount of valets we provide depends on the number of cars needing to be parked, and if there is more than one wheelchair escort needed. A typical event with 75 cars has one shift manager acting as a wheelchair escort and two valets parking and retrieving cars.